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Online Conference for Wedding Photographers
8 Classes & chat with the speakers & live Q&A
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September 26 & 27 th
/ 2017


Citlalli Rico

Live Shoot

Phil Chester

Live Shoot

Kara Mercer

Online Talk

Nicole Ashley

Online Talk

Daniel Aguilar

Live Shoot

Julia & Gil

Online Talk

Daniel Alonso

Online Talk

Ross Tanner

Online Talk


The second Wanderers Online Conference was a hit!

Following the success of the first conference, the second edition packed 8 incredible teachers sharing their vision of wedding photography.

Watch the whole conference through the Conference Bundle or access single videos of your favorite speakers. And remember, you can watch them anywhere and anytime you want.

Price Plan

Learn from the pros in the comfort of your own home, office, coffee shop, or ANYWHERE with internet access!

Conference bundle
Single videos
49€ - 79€


What is the Wanderers Conference?
Wanderers Conference is an online conference for wedding photographers hosted by select professionals who are part of the Wanderers Community. The first conference broadcasted live on May 2017. The new live conference starts on September 26&27th and includes classes as well as live Q&A after each talk. The classes will cover various topics regarding creative business and photography such as creativity, inspiration, marketing, branding, SEO, working with clients, shooting emotional portraits, technique, and much more.
What is the Wanderers Community?
The Wanderers Community is an educational platform for creative photographers worldwide. It is a place to learn, collaborate, and connect. From running a successful photography business, to keeping up on trends and techniques, the Wanderers Library contains exclusive educational content created by industry leaders. As part of the community, you will also have access to our Community Directory. This will help you connect with other Community Members, learn from each other, and support each other no matter where you are located around the globe.
How does it work?
The conference will be broadcast live on our platform over a period of 2 days. Community Members who are able to tune in live will be able to ask questions to the speakers and workshop hosts. Following the conference, subscribed Community Members will also be given access to the Wanderers Library. This will include 24/7 access to the recorded workshops and photo sessions that take place during the conference. This content will be added to over time as new workshops are made available to the community.
Who is it aimed at?
Any wedding photographer who wants to learn, grow and be inspired by some of the most inspiring figures in our craft. This is a remarkable opportunity to learn how they work and what they have to say from the comfort of your home, office, airport… anywhere with internet access! There are many great conferences in different corners of the world, and is not always easy to travel and attend one. Wanderers Conference is here to complement traditional conferences by bringing you the best educational offer without leaving where you are. Education can be exciting, fun, affordable and easy to access. Do you want to be part of it?
When will it start?
The conference will be broadcast live on September 26th and 27th from 9am-1pm PST.
What do I need?
A computer with broadband internet access.
How can I join the conference?
Tickets are available for sale through the Wanderers Community website. Once you have completed registration, more details will be sent to you regarding the live event and how to tune in.  
What payment methods do you accept?
You can buy your ticket via Paypal or Credit Card.
Will I receive a tax invoice?
Following your purchase, you will be sent an invoice/receipt confirming your purchase.
Will the talks be in other languages than English?
No, all talks will be in English, though talks will be subtitled in several languages after the event when the videos are available in the Wanderers Community platform.
Can I watch the conference after the live broadcast?
Yes. Once you buy your ticket for the Wanderers Conference you will be able to access all the videos every time you want from the Wanderers Library.
Can I watch the talks after the event even if I haven’t initially registered for the Wanderers Conference?
Yes, you can buy access to single talks or the whole pack even after the conference finishes. Just keep in mind that the price will increase after the conference is over.
I still can not decide.
E-mail us at info@wandererscommunity.com and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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All videos are now for sale!